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Gather valuable insights from your customers!

NPSBox is a turnkey solution to NPS score and feedback gathering for your SaaS. We offer a simple and intuitive way to conduct an NPS survey and gather user feedback. No-brainer integration will take seconds to add NPSBox to your existing web app or website.

Do you know how most SaaS companies have difficulty building the right product? Well, what we do is help you identify what your users REALLY WANT and how they feel about your product. In fact, asking your users to rate their experience and collecting feedback at the right touch points throughout their journey can help you save thousands of dollars on research and development costs of your product and build a better SaaS that's loved by your users.

Gather user feedback and NPS score

Example NPS widget that you can add to your web app. Try it out by clicking "Feedback" at the bottom of the page.

With NPSBox we can help you get immediate feedback from your users. We offer a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey widget that can be integrated into your software in just seconds.

If you want to engage a specific set of users, you have the option to share survey links through email or any other preferred communication method of your choice.

Optimize your business

These and many more questions can be answered by engaging your users. We provide the means to collect and analyse feedback so you can focus on your business. Leverage feedback from your customers to make your business better.

No hassle setup and deployment

NPSBox is dialed in to bring you the best possible experience and offers a product that's easy to use, simple to configure, and quick to deploy.

There are no endless configuration screens that are difficult to understand, but to-the-point functionality that delivers instant value. We take a boutique approach to problem-solving, thinking deeply about what is necessary to create the most value for our clients. Anything that does not meet this threshold won't make it to the product. This lets us focus on solutions to problems instead of features that don't move the needle.

Honest pricing, tailored to your needs

All our plans come with a free 14-day trial to help you settle in.


For startups and small teams engaging customers on their web apps.


  • CRM with 5000 user profiles included
  • 20 NPS surveys
  • Embeddable NPS widget
  • Shareable survey links
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Unlimited team members
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For growth companies that need more customizations or more control over data.

Everything in essentials, plus:

  • Custom data volume
  • Custom integration
  • Priority email support
  • On-premise hosting
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Ready to stop guessing how your users feel and what they want?

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Sneak peek into what's upcoming

If you still think that NPSBox is not for you, that's fair, after all, we just met. Here are a few things we're currently working on in our lab.

Engagement automation

Create automatic workflows to engage with your promoters or detractors. For example, trigger an email campaign for customers who left low score feedback.

Widget branding

Have more control over the look and feel of our survey widget to meet your business brand guidelines.

If this upcoming functionality sound at all interesting and useful to you, please leave your email below to subscribe to important product announcements.

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