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When should I collect NPS feedback?

The timing of collecting NPS feedback is an essential aspect that can impact the accuracy and usefulness of the feedback. Here are some suggestions on when you should collect NPS feedback:

  1. After a significant customer interaction: One ideal time to collect NPS feedback is after a significant customer interaction, such as a purchase, a customer service call, or a support ticket. This allows you to capture the customer's experience when it is fresh in their mind.
  2. Following a specific event or campaign: Collecting NPS feedback following a specific event or campaign, such as a product launch or marketing campaign, can provide insights into the effectiveness of that initiative.
  3. Regularly scheduled intervals: Collecting NPS feedback at regularly scheduled intervals, such as quarterly or bi-annually, can help you track trends and changes in customer sentiment over time.
  4. After a product or service delivery: Collecting NPS feedback after a product or service delivery can help you identify areas for improvement in your delivery process and customer experience.
  5. When you introduce new features or services: Collecting NPS feedback when you introduce new features or services can help you gauge customer satisfaction with those offerings.

Ultimately, the timing of collecting NPS feedback will depend on your specific business needs and goals. Consider the above suggestions to determine the most appropriate time to collect feedback for your business.

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